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Comments from international sound engineers:

„YAMAHA NS10M monitors: Nobody ever said they were the best sound ever, but they may well be the best nearfield monitors! They do NOT flatter your mix- they tell it like it is.“

... there's a reason the NS10m can be found in about 90% of the worlds professional studios. First, it's a known quantity, they are everywhere. No they do not "sound" good. A monitor is supposed to give you the ugly truth, and at this the NS10m excels. Those who don't realize this will speak out against the NS10m, reveling in their own ignorance. But if you can get your mixes to sound good on the NS10m's, it's almost a sure bet the mixes will sound good on almost any other speakers too and this is why they are used so much. If you can get the NS10m's at a good price, I say snag 'em quick, before someone else does! The woofers alone are worth something to any NS10m owner and the will only increase in value as they become harder to fine.“

„I think anyone how say the ns10 speaker sounds that bad, really does not understand what a nearfield monitor is suposed to be. I love them, they are flat, which is how you want to mix. Trust me, if you mix too hot, ( low/hi) you'll be sorry. the best thing-ns10m!!!!!!!“

„Hey Ive been using NS-10's for many years aswell as various other monitors. And I find them to be very accurate. The statement is in my opinion 100% I will not let a mix go without referencing them on NS-10s first, Ok they roll off at 60Hz but I would expect any studio worth its salt should have a decent sub, and as far as ear fatigue goes Ive comfortably worked on NS-10's for 8-12 hours solid before and noticable fatigue so stop crying and appreciate a great set of speakers.“

Well, You know...they don't actually sound THAT bad. I mean, Just turn the damn Low EQ knob up on your mixer. It will sound great then, pack a lot of punch and no it won't mess you up while mixing it...you'll survive, don't worry. If you really get concerned, once you put everything in there, just turn the knob back down again and see how it sounds. simple.

„Yes,it lacks the bass,but it truly reflects what ur mix on the common users' listening situation in most case.remember to pull back the lo-eq b4 u really mix down to tape/hd.ur mix may already has the low tho u can't excatly hear it if u don't push it on the mixer when ur mixing and monitoring at the yammy. Mine is fine, its discontinued and quite expensive here.“

„The looks are cool, but crap, my ears really do hurt after about 5 hours of normal listening! Ya, I know. That's NOT what NS-10's were designed for. THE REAL STORY(maybe) NS-10's were originally designed for extended listening, and Yamaha basically came up with a pretty crappy monitor that delivered super flat frequency response with very little depth or warmth. LAB RESULTS Woofer cones constructed out of cardboard. Wow? Sure sounds like cardboard? Cool. Result? Frequency response as flat as a cardboard box! Ya, these are awesome.

THE MARKETING SPIN Imagine a Yamaha Marcom employee saying "Hey, lets tell people if their mixes sounds good on these babies, their mixes will sound great on anything!" Pure genius folks?! PURE VANITY Clients sure think they look cool! CONCLUSION If you want to A/B your mix, use your car stereo, the boom box you purchased last summer for $60, or your home stereo. The result? A great mix you'll be happy with, and an extra $350 bucks to pay your utility bill over the next 6 months.“

„Used these for years everywhere, it is the industry standard. I hate them I hate them I Hate them. They hurt.“



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