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YAMAHA ProMix 01



18 Input digital mixing console




Mix Snapshots

ProMix 01 "Snapshots" allow you to store and recall all mix settings instantly with just one press of a button, or MIDI Program Change command.


MIDI Automation

Connecting ProMix 01 to a MIDI sequencer provides total mix automation. All parameters can be MIDI controlled.


Internal Effects

Two Yamaha digital multi-effects are built-in for a sonic edge. All effects settings are stored as part of your mix.


Dynamics Processors

Three stereo digital dynamics processors, which can be assigned to input channels, aux sends, and stereo outputs, provide compression, limiting, gating, and ducking.


Digital Output

ProMix 01 features an S/PDIF digital output for direct mixdown to DAT and other digital recorders.


Easy-to-Learn Interface

The large backlit graphic LCD provides clear indication of mix settings and graphic display of EQ curves.


Parametric EQ with Library

Input channels, effect returns, and stereo outputs all feature three-band fully parametric EQ. A library of unique EQ presets designed for specific applications and instruments are provided. Add your own custom EQ settings to the library and recall them at any time.


Motorized Faders

Motorized faders are featured on all channels, and four fader groups are provided for multichannel control.


Superb Performance

ProMix 01 features 20-bit AD/DA converters with 64-times A/D oversampling and 8-times D/A oversampling. Internal signal processing is 24-bit, 36-bit for EQ. Dynamic range is in excess of 100dB.


Cost Performance

ProMix 01 breaks the price/performance barrier, offering all the essential mixing tools, plus memory and automation of all settings. Motorized faders, internal effects, and on-board dynamic processors provide mixing power you could not imagine-at a price you won't believe.


Source: http://www.yamaha.com/


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